SLFMIS Training Commences for Remaining Public Officers in the PFM Office, Hargeisa, 03/02/2018

SLFMIS Training Commences for MDAs in the PFM Office, Hargeisa, 03/02/2018

Somaliland’s Ministry of Finance today launched the first training and deployment session in preparation for expanding the Somaliland Management Information System (SLFMIS) to all ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) on April 1st 2018. The first set of trainees were from the Ministry of Planning & Development, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of Telecommunication and Technology, Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The SLFMIS is designed to improve the transparency and effectiveness of the government’s financial transactions which is a crucial component of the PFM reform program. The SLFMIS will track financial payments and summarize financial information for all government institutions. It is aligned to budget and finance laws as well as PFM regulations and international best practices. This will facilitate the sharing of real time financial information that will increase the efficiency of government operation by helping to improve the accuracy, speed and transparency of processes such as budget planning, budget execution, expenditure management, revenue management, payroll, contract and asset management.

The PFM Coordinator Mr. Hassan Farah Mohamed, opened the training by underlining the importance of the SLFMIS Program and describing how the system will promote the transparency, accountability and accuracy of Somaliland’s financial operations. The Coordinator explained the core functions of the system including budget preparation, revenue collection, expenditure, payroll, and asset registration. He made it clear that the Ministry of Finance will expedite the implementation of the SLFMIS to all remaining MDAs before April and emphasized that participants must ensure their concentration and presence during the training to familiarize themselves with the system.

The Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim said, “We have starting to expand the SLFMIS to roll out with all MDAs, having piloted this system last year to four ministries (Ministry of Finance, Ministry Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture). From today, all other MDAs will be able to join and use the system. The SLFMIS will improve aggregate expenditure control, increase the predictability of financial flows, and allow the government to monitor all government expenditure in a transparent and automated manner.”



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