PFM Education & Training Oversight Committee – Inaugural Meeting in Hargesa, On 7th November 2017


the inaugural meeting of the PFM E&T Oversight Committee meeting was held at the PFM Reform Unit Office. The E&T Oversight Committee will review the work in the PFM Capacity Development Component of the program and make recommendations on how to ensure the reforms are both successful and sustainable.

The main points of discussion of the meeting were

  1. Interim Report – Michael Parry of WYG presented an interim report that described the current progress of the program and its future challenges
  2. CIPFA accreditation – The University of Hargeisa and WYG will explore how the University of Hargeisa could gain CIPFA accreditation
  3. PFM Scheme of Service – The Government is to review the draft PFM Scheme of Service and decide how it is to be implemented
  4. PFM for Managers course – The course will begin once the necessary preparatory work has been completed

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