WORLD BANK PFM REFORM PROGRAM MISSION in Hargeisa, 12-15 October 2017.

The World Bank PFM Reform Program Mission came to review the progress of the Somaliland PFM Program between the 12th and 15th October 2017.

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Ikechi Ochorie, the Technical Team Leader (TTL) of the World Bank’s PFM Capacity Strengthening Project, was the sole member of the Mission where he met with key PFM stakeholders from across the PFM Reform project. His visit was facilitated by the PFM Reform Unit and ended with a meeting with the Minister of Finance.

Ikechi Ochorie, the Technical Team Leader (TTL) of the World Bank’s PFM Capacity Strengthening Project

On 12th October, the Mission met with representatives from the University of Hargeisa that are helping to co-ordinate and deliver the PFM Education & Training Program. This program will help students to gain CIPFA certificate after completion of the course.

Mission with University of Hargeisa

The Mission met with representatives from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at the Ambassador Hotel on the evening of the 12th October to discuss the passage of the Procurement Act as well as measures to help improve the PAC’s ability to scrutinise Government expenditure.

PAC, Economic Advisor, PFM Coordinator, Tecknical of Team Leader of World Bank, State Minister of Finance

On 13th October, a meeting was held between the World Bank Mission and representatives from the Office of Auditor General’s (OAG) – the discussion was focused around the planned work to improve the capacity of the OAG in auditing public expenditures.

                                                                                                          Mission with Auditor General Staff

On the evening of the 14th October, key PFM stakeholders met at the Ambassador Hotel to present and discuss their provisional action plans.The Mission met with all stakeholders under Pillar 3 (Financial Management and Reporting) of the Somaliland PFM Reform Program in the morning of the 14th October where the ongoing PwC TA program, the EAFS and the SLFMIS were discussed in detail. There was a focus on the work completed so far, the challenges as well as planned actions for next year.

                                                                                                                Mission with the Accountant General Staff

The Mission ended with a meeting at the Minister of Finance’s office with key PFM stakeholders in attendance. The Minister opened the meeting by stressing her continued support for the PFM Reform program and the key PFM stakeholders then presented an outline of their proposed action plans.

PFM Project Implementation Update, meeting with Minister of Finance and all stakeholders.

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