On the 10th of August, the PFM Reform Unit hosted a retreat for the Director Generals and Directors of Administration and Finance from all Central Government Ministries at the Rays Hotel in Borama.

The retreat had two main aims :-

  • To inform the Director Generals and Directors of the current status of the PFM Reform Program and how it was likely to affect them and their ministries in the future.
  • To receive their feedback and guidance on how the Government could ensure successful PFM reforms in 2017 and beyond

The Retreat had four different sessions

  • PFM Overview Presentation – Dr. Samater, the PFM Reform Co-ordinator, gave an overview of the history of the PFM Reform Program as well as its current status of implementations, chalenges and the way forward.
  • PFM Pillar Action Plans – An overview of the actions currently underway in each of the PFM Reform Program Pillars was presented by Jeevun Sander, Economic Advisor to the PFMRU.
  • SLFMIS Presentation – Mohamed Amiin, the head of the ICT Unit at the Ministry of Finance, set out how the SLFMIS works and how it would a
  • ffect all Central Government ministries.
  • Budget Preparation Reforms under PFMA Act – Abdullah Mowlid, an officer from the Budget Department, gave a brief description of the new Budget Process under the PFMA Act and invited the Director Generals to give their thoughts and opinions on the new Budget Process.

The retreat was deemed to be successful and the Director Generals were pleased to have the opportunity to hear and discuss more about the PFM Reforms.

They also expressed a desire to be informed on a regular basis about the PFM Reforms and to have the opportunity to provide their feedback and thoughts on the current reform efforts. It was agreed amongst the participants to set up a monthly “PFM Reform Forum for Director Generals” where they could discuss the PFM reform program, its progress and challenges, in more detail.

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