The PFM Reform Unit Hosted a Successful Workshop on the National Audit Act (2016) in Hargeisa, 02 Aug 2017.

Participants of the Workshop


The PFM Reform Unit held the National Audit Act Stakeholders’ Workshop to inform and assist stakeholders responsible for the implementation of the Act as well as representatives of the citizens of Somaliland. The workshop covered key highlights of the National Audit Act including information about the roles and responsibilities of Exernal Audit, stakeholders and  individual institutions and the PFM Reform Process.

The workshop was formally inaugurated by Hon. Ahmed Hashi, the Deputy Minister of Finance, along with the German of Auditor General, the Deputy of Solicitor General. The session was chaired by PFM Coordinator Dr Mohamed Samater. The Deputy Minister of Finance and the Auditor General introduced the workshop by covering the importance of the PFM process in general and the National Audit Act in particular. The speakers were:

  1. Mohamed Samater – PFMRU Coordinator
  2. German of Auditor General
  3. Deputy of Solicitor General
  4. Deputy of Ministry of Finance

The Workshop informed the participants about the purpose, aims and requirements of the Audit Act for all Government institutions. In addition, there was a thorough and detailed discussion of how this Act would benefit the Government by reducing waste, fraud and corruption.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, opened the workshop and stressed that the Audit Act would help secure the nation’s property and finances by ensuring the independence of external audits for all Government institutions.

In attendance were participants from across the Government including Central Government MDAs, Local Governments, Local Agencies, Civil Society and representatives from the Solicitor General’s Office .”

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