Public Officers Begin CIPFA Training at the University of Hargeisa.

Hargeisa, 06 June, 2017 – Classes commenced for the PFM Education and Training Certification course in Chartered Institute Public Financial Accounting (CIPFA). This is one of the PFM Reform Programme’s Capacity Building activities, in which the Ministry of Finance wants to build the quality of the government staff.

The two year course will be implemented with the technical assistance of WYG International Management Consultants and in partnership with the University of Hargeisa, where WYG provides the Syllabus and course materials and the University of Hargeisa will supply the learning facilities and teaching staff.

In April of 2017, the PFM Reform Unit invited applications for the PFM Education & Training Programme, from Public Officers in different parts of the government, including:

  • The Ministries of Finance, Agriculture, Health and Education
  • Hargeisa Municipality
  • Central Bank
  • Hargeisa Water Agency
  • The Auditor General and Accountant General.

There were a total of 109 applications submitted, of which 107 proceeded to the qualification examination. The examination was held by the University of Hargeisa in May 2017, 82 students have qualified for participation in the course. At the end of the course, the top 60 candidates will be eligible for CIPFA certification. The objective of this Exam was to identify Government employees who have a good understanding of the importance of the ongoing PFM Reform Programme in the country.

The students mentioned that:

Before we passed the exam there was some concern that the selection would not be fair but after passing we realized that the exam was very fair. Since we are some of the 82 students who get chance to participate this course, we are very happy, our ambitions are high and we look forward to have the chance of getting the CIPFA certificate.

This collaboration provides the University of Hargeisa with an opportunity to provide such courses in the future, as the University showed the highest potential, having previously provided training in Chartered Accounting.

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