The PFM Program Officially Launched the Somaliland Financial Management Information System in Hargeisa, 27 April 2017.

Cabinet Ministers who presided over the event

A breakfast conference at the Ambassador Hotel today held the Official Launch of the Somaliland Financial Management Information System (SLFMIS). The SLFMIS is part of the Ministry of Finance PFM Reform Program designed to improve transparency, effectiveness and measurable results in the government’s financial transactions.

The event was presided by the Minister of Finance, ZamZam Abdi Aden, along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire; Minister of Information, Mahamud Sazardiid Cadani; Minister of Agriculture, Mahamed Aw Dahir; and the Director General of the Minister of Health. Also in attendance were dignitaries from World Bank, DfID and the European Union, which are among the donor institutions that supported the development and implementation of the System. The event follows the deployment of Phase 1 of the SLFMIS which was observed last month with the training of finance and administration officers from the four pilot Ministries of Finance Agriculture, Health, Education.

At the opening address, Dr Mohammed Samater, PFM Coordinator, recognized the World Bank, EU, DfID and USAID and UNHABITAT who not only have supported us financially in building the system but standing along with us in resolving various issues that came up along the way such as securing IT infrastructure development which was a longstanding and complex project.

Mr Basel Bishtawi, the Key Engineer in developing the SLFMIS presented an overview of the system, showing how it will provide critical support in Public Financial Management by tracking financial events and summarizing financial information. The system is aligned to budget and finance laws to improve the accuracy, speed and transparency of processes such as budget formulation, allocation and execution. It also allows multiple users from all parts of government to monitor and report budget-related activities.

In turn, the Minister of Information, congratulated his colleague the Minister of Finance. He noted that while the system is essential for the success of Public Financial Management in the country,

The direct beneficiaries of the system are the users of this tool at the officer level because it will transform their practices and enhance their capacity to an international level, at par with other fast-growing developing nations in the region.

In the closing remarks, the Minister of Finance commended all the parties in the Ministry including the IT Department and the PFM Unit that were responsible for bringing the system to fulfilment. She noted that the success of the SLFMIS implementation will depend heavily on active participation of all players, specifically the management and staff at all levels.

The key to successfully implementing the SLFMIS is maintaining the momentum of will, commitment, concerted efforts, ownership and responsibilities,

she said.

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